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Music is an artistic form of expression of different emotions no matter it signifies positive or negative outlook. Amongst any music genres, hip hop and rap music tops the chart in this aspect. Rap artists indeed the one exemplary part of hip hop that worked as the voice to speak out loud. Hip hop and rap has always been regarded as a hard-hitting way of expression. However one artist named Breeze Davinci is setting new trends for the genre by using hip hop to explore and express feelings and also different themes with which today’s youths can relate to. He is one among the budding starts who has worked with various renowned artists and had amazed viewers with his exotic live shows in the States and in Europe.
It is said that if you dream biog, there is no force under the sun that can hold you from reaching the peak of success. With this theory, young and incredible rapper cum singer-songwriter Breeze Davinci is travelling in the road from where he can see success very close by. None knew that the Young Terrell who used to amaze his family and friends in Jacksonville, Florida would become a celebrity rapper one day. This gifted artist has put light on very crucial aspects of mankind in his hip hop and rap compositions. From owning a captivating voice texture to a fluent rapping style with clarity, Breeze Davinci’s music is leaving mark on SoundCloud listeners’ minds. His SoundCloud music gallery is loaded with bunch of singles that nails his position as a rising hip hop star in the contemporary hip hop music scenes
There are many reasons for regarding Davinci as an exemplary artist. He is one sensible artist who composes hip hop tracks with a motive to enlighten the young generation with thoughtful messages. No matter his tracks are extremely melodious, they are equally strong and bold in terms of expression. Some of his singles that has attained global fame are “Rise”, “Ocean”, “Rock the Boat”, “Getaway” and more. Davinci draws inspiration from artists like Tupac, Lil Wayne, Bone Thugs n harmony etc. He professional growth can be seen clearly in his SoundCloud gallery he has dropped many tracks by produced by big names and Nate Rhoads, Bruce wane etc. He has also teamed up with other trending artists and rappers as well.
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