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When a music piece becomes a super hit, the artists performing in the track, the singer or rapper in case of hip hop music gets attention at first. We tend to give the credibility to the man behind such amazing his. Producers are the key persons who pour their soul to make their music a grand hit. Infact producers must get maximum attention for their effort and versatility. SoundCloud music gala is one place where the rise of fresh and innovative artists can be witnessed very clearly. The artist whose compositions are making special place on listeners’ playlist is J Fresh. This multi-genre beat maker has dropped bunch of tracks on SoundCloud that will leave listeners awestruck.
Instrumental tracks have different charm for it is able to evoke spectrum of emotions without really make use of any lyrics. The credit of course, goes to the craftsman behind this thought proving art. SoundCloud music site, the hot bed for fresh music is yet again set with some amazing tracks by artist J Fresh from Los Angeles. This versatile artist proves his perfection in different genres like trap, hip hop and R&B music with the tracks that are available on SoundCloud.
After the grand success of this track, J Fresh also came up with more instrumental numbers based on different genres. His trap track s “Winning” and Blaze” is perfect club banger tracks while his hip hop and rap tracks “Drakey” and “Faceoff” gives the vibes of both contemporary and old school hip hop and rap music. With these exclusive tracks he engraves his name in the list of rising music composers. Currently is working on more projects that will be soon released on SoundCloud gala. Regardless of what music genre hooks you, the masterpieces of J Fresh will surely make an impact on you.
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