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“Don’t Mind” is out now on SoundCloud and spreading its powerful prowess to the listeners. The young artists have generated their passion throughout the Soundcloud music industry and the pulsating clear voice will drive numerous hip hop enthusiasts. The song has a clear momentum of a positive approach which listeners will relate to. The sharp orchestral display of zesty hooks at the later part of the music is amazing. Together the duo’s sentiments combine to make something compelling and mesmeric. Your life will become bright and beautiful after you listen to their ecstatic beats.
The Bay Area natives Dylan Howell and Colby Freeman are the members of BL3SS3D. Both of them are versatile and excel in rapping and composing. Their mesmerizing voice texture is reflected in the compositions. The track “Don’t Mind” is the one that is soothing and melodious listeners will love to play in leisure time.
BL3SS3D is the label name for the rappers Dylan Howell and Colby Freeman, the sensible youths of Bay Area. Their musicality stands alone for the fresh notes they blends with the thoughtful lyrics. These youngsters set an example for the youths who looks hip hop as only a gritty and fun filled art form. The tracks “Magic”, “Mesmerized” and “You With Me” reveals soulful voice texture and also uniqueness in lyrical rapping. BL3SS3D has a long way to go and have already become the top selection of various producers and recording labels.
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