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Las Vegas dweller Big Six is a musical star creating music with different genres like hip hop and rap, rock, alternative rock, trap etc. Life has been ignorant for him. It has collapsed in various manners. But this guy never lost hope – these lessons pulled him towards making music seriously and taking music as his professional career. His music, his songs is crafted with reality. It conveys the bitter sweet truth of life. Amongst his uploaded songs on Soundcloud, most of them will give you a shivering feeling; will unveil the harsh reality in front of you in an explicit manner. The songs like, “SOULOUT”, “Creep” and “Shrooms” have used the goblin sound to give you the creepy feeling. Even the cover of his Soundcloud profile tries to let people understand the toughness of life in a go. Even his album covers are also made keeping those factors in mind. The only song of Big Six, which is not made with serious factors, is, “Partiboob” – it can be an excellent choice for your party mood.
The experience that Big Six had throughout his life was never very soothing. These ups and downs in his life drove him towards making something creative that can inspire the people around him as well. And he has become quite successful in that as well. This guy, from Las Vegas, knows to make music only. Music has become his life. He aims to lighten the life of the listeners through his music. Some of the songs which you can listen to on Soundcloud are like, “Shrooms”, “Creep”, “SOULOUT” etc.
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