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Zojak World Wide is a renowned music publisher that keeps on producing a good number of exclusive hit songs. The young singers of Zojak World Wide have recently launched their new reggae single “Clean Heart”. DJ Zack, being a versatile singer has made a big blast with this new song. This Brooklyn based singer is ready to experiment with traditional as well as contemporary blends. Music is his passion and he dedicatedly keeps on releasing new tracks based on varied musicality. However, “Clean Heart” has already received a lot of appreciation from the worldwide audiences for its excellent music beats.
Zojak World Wide has recently launched their exclusive hit reggae single “Clean Heart”. The young rockstar DJ Zack has infused some excellent musicality in this single. This versatile singer out of Brooklyn, NY has specialized in developing reggae music. The song is comprised of the feelings and emotion of the singer. The drumming style marks this song as a unique one amongst the mass. As this is reggae music, in “Clean Heart” the drum beat can start on almost any beat. The bass line of this song is steady as well as repetitive.
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