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John Catapano is all the way from Long Island, NY and has been writing and playing music for the past 5 years. The long years of practice have enabled him to become more graceful with his music building. His music and the composition have the unique texture of superflow. The magnetic way of lyrical prowess he has shown will take away your breath. His husky voice along with the improvisation of various musical instruments is awesome. The easy to listen and soothing ambience will create a fresh and replenish thing for you which you cannot forget.
His 5 years in the music industry has given him the ability to outshine in the crowd like a bright star. Every song has a story to tell and each one of them is different. John Catapano sings his own song and has mastered in the field of music with a lot of practice. His music is like fire and will make you hypnotized. Now he is quite established and his songs are running successfully on SoundCloud.
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