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There is no question that the evolution of the music industry has been heavily linked to the evolution of the internet. Gone are the days when record stores ruled the industry and people only had the chance to listen to their favorite artists if they spent a significant amount of cash on their latest CD’s. Now this has changed completely and people are able to get their music online and even purchase single tracks if they only want a few tracks from an album. There are many music services online that have a large list of artists available. Some of them have very large lists of options to choose from, but others only have a small number of popular artists. Some of those sites include Spotify and Deezer, but they all have their restrictions and their issues. The good thing about looking for things online is that you have a vast number of choices. There are some newer sites that are doing things right and that is the case with They have the largest artist list available and you can listen to decent bitrate sized versions of the songs for free. You can also share the songs and add them to a favorite playlist that you can later go back to and this is an excellent feature. I also like the fact that you can look for the lyrics to the song and find things like ringtones and other stuff that is linked on the page. There is no way to deny that this is an industry that is constantly changing, so the best way to keep up with those changes is to find the most reliable sources online. The best musiс streaming service is always going to be online without any server issues and it will be easy to navigate and to browse around. This is the reason why is probably the best option right now, but I would suggest checking out other available sites as there might be something else worth your time. So, remember, if you want to get great results, just type listen music playlists for free on a major search engine and you will see a lot of variety, but the sites we mentioned are the ones we recommend the most. This is the main reason why we also encourage other research in case you end up finding something really good, but the www.MusicMegaBoxEN site is really a great way to get thousands of artists. The year 2017 has brought a bunch of new and exciting things to the world of music and we will see many more implementations coming in the next 3 to 5 years. Let’s just hope that all of those changes are going to cater to the fans of music in any way and allow them to get their music easily without hassles. Check them out today and start listening to your favorite artist singles and popular songs absolutely free of charge.

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Boondock Branded artist Mark Daniel releases his DEBUT single "Life goes on" featuring Dammit Boy/13 Skulls artist David Ray and produced by Jeremy Day aka J Wayne..Mark Daniel is set to release his first full length project in 2018 titled "The BOONBOXALYPSE"..Promising to seperate himself from other artists with his unique blend of sounds crossing genres while remaining lyrically transparent with real hip hop lyrics.... Listen to "Life Goes On" on Soundcloud here: Follow Mark Daniel: IG: @Mark_boondockbrand_Daniel Twitter: @MarkDaniel518 FB: @MarkDanielBoonyBoi Contact email:

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Here I present to you, the New Modern Day "Mona Lisa", Monae Giovani in this masterpiece of work showing the Godly powers of Elegancy. In this Classical Art of Sound, you will experience 7 Musical Records that will display a Beautiful WorkofArt which will capture your Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul and put you in a place where you've never been before in the years of our Time , creating a World of True Love , bring Inception into Reality where Dreams overcome Nightmares , Light intertwines with Darkness as the Sun and Moon Shine Equally together at once, where the Future becomes the Present and The Present is born as the Past. ~Monae Giovani~ "Mona Lisa" Album Available Now ***CLICK LINK and CHOOSE YOUR OWN STREAMING SERVICE**** Monae Giovani - Nobody (Music Video) Mona Lisa Album Link Soundcloud: https:/ Monae Giovani Bio Born in Savannah, GA, the 20-year-old singer, Monae Giovani, was raised on the eastside of Atlanta. As a child, she was always consumed with the passion for music at a very early age of 7 years old. Her first performance came at her grandmothers wedding. That’s when her family knew she had the necessary talent to pursue her destiny. For school, she graduated from Dekalb School of Performing Arts, a performing arts magnet school in east Atlanta. From there, she took voice lessons and joined many choir organizations, which enhanced her musical talents. She was taught the importance of developing he craft and realized singing could be a serious career choice for her. Growing up in an arts school gave Monae Giovani plenty experience of live performances. In most cases, those performances would be on stage in a group setting. Throughout her early stages in her career, she has performed live at talent shows, weddings, and birthdays. Monae’s music career really became serious when she met producer, Tone “Hendrix” Legend. She met him through another artist who is one of her friends by the name of Lavien Nicole. From that point on, music became her focal point. Monae Giovani’s motivation for music is quite different from the average everyday artist. Her fans are what motivates her every single day, “My motivation to release and record music is the need to share my story. I do believe that I can be a voice for young women who share the same experiences as I do,” she quotes. She looks at herself as a role model for young women and uses her metaphoric lyrics to mentally connect with her fans subliminally and consciously as they are drawn by the sound of her voice. The sound of music that Monae Giovani creates is more of a feeling of all the 5 senses of human nature. Her lyrics are so metaphorically outstanding that they actually come to life by quickly putting her fans into her own reality. When people listen to her, they are automatically put into their own imagination of the world that Monae Giovani expresses in her music. In other words, her lyrics literally metaphorically come to life. Fans can hear, smell, taste, see, and feel her words as they melodically ride the sexy exotic instrumental created by producer, Tone “Hendrix” Legend. Her style is unlike any artist, undeniably indescribable. Now that Monae is fully focusing on her music career, her goal is to create an undeniable body of work that has the power to take her music career to a level that is unmatched that will put in place to become an award winning recording artist with a brilliant fan base. Soon, she will become the voice and change the lives of people through her music. Follow Monae Giovani Instagram: Facebook: Soundcloud:

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ARTIST NAME: KART-WHEEL(YunG buDDAH) SONG: "BATTLEFIELD" ft.LIL UZI VERT (PROMOTIONAL USE) buddah MUSIC ARTIST BIO: Born in Houston,Texas raised in Alabama. KART-WHEEL grew up very rough!! He was raised by his close friends parents. Both of his parents are unknown. KART-WHEEL got introduced to music when he was 8 years old, he wrote and made his first song when he was 13 years old. He made a name for himself in Jr. High School when he actually shot one of his teachers and made a song about it. He was sentenced to 6 years in prison. KART-WHEEL was released on 9/20/2017. He is now 19 years old and is looking to pick up from where he left off in the music! He claims that this year is his year!! Listen to Battle Field on Soundcloud Here Follow Kart-Wheel aka Yung Buddah on Soundcloud

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Swag On Auto Pilot = S.O.A.P. ! '''Ase Card''', is a rapper, songwriter and recording artist on Non-Stop/Soapmuzik productions, hailing from the Bay Area, Fairfield, California, popularized by his energetic and passionate flow and his distinct connection to his fans on both an urban and political standpoint. Since age eight, Ase has grown from his beginning stage of emceeing, ...crafting his skill with every song and album created; not to mention, Ase has collaborated with more than half of nor-cal's recording artist and the list goes on. Basing his music off of past struggles, life, and overall opinions on the world and its social climate, Card has never been one to hold his tongue. Conclusively, Ase Card is the future, and a definitive force to move the industry in a positive that is sure to be embraced by millions of people around the world. DO YOU GOT YOUR S.O.A.P.? Watch the "Hold It Down" Music Video on Youtube Here: @AseCard on facebook, twitter and instagram. Snapchat: AseCard on Spotify: AseCard - Hold It Down :

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According to Victoria Hernandez Donald Trump has faced severe criticism from the Hip Hop community and now that he is president of the United States, he has given the people more reason to question him as he attacks the media while his team seemingly feeds the public false information. Talib Kweli says that Trump’s rise to power is reflective of society as a whole. A quick glance at the Black Star rapper’s Twitter feed shows how he engages with people every day, seeking to debunk those who come at him. “I think the rise of the Trump era has to do with that side of it,” he says in an interview with Unique Access Entertainment, “… understanding that people are not gonna vet their source and people are not gonna take their time to research.” As we are in the internet age, Kweli says people have more information than ever before. With this, comes the power to filter the information and decide for themselves what is truth. “Now we have an era where people are accepting facts from sites that are opinion sites,” Kweli says of the media’s lack of accountability. “They have no checks and balances.” Kweli goes on to say that the media is an institution with an agenda and its “only game plan” is “to enable and protect our white [sumpremacist] status quo.” In the interview, he says that systemic oppression has not gone away in the society where everyone can have a voice through social media. It has only transformed to the point where he’s no longer being called names on the street, but he’s having conversations online where people get offended when he talks about race. “When I grew up, you rolled a bike to the wrong neighborhood and white boys were like, ‘You nigger,'” he shares. “… I’ve dealt with in-your-face racism. That’s why my interactions online, a lot of people get stressed out by that. They’ll be like, ‘How could you?’ I’m like, ‘That’s nothing.’ I dealt with, the shit that you’re getting stressed out, I’ve dealt with that in real life. When I was a kid and didn’t even have the language or the capacity to even deal with it. I had to figure it out as a kid. Now, those people have moved on to the online platforms. They’re still in real life and I’m not a kid no more, so I don’t go to kid shit. I go through it as an adult.” He’s changed his approach on how he handles racism, but the problems still persist as he points to a recent incident where he says he faced prejudice at a hotel because his card wasn’t working. “Whether or not you got $800,000 in your bank account don’t actually matter when it comes to systemic oppression,” he says. Watch the video of Talib Kweli discussing white supremacy in the Donald Trump era above.

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4ortune2x  Single FAITHFUL is out iTunes,Tidal,Google Play & Spotify    ITUNE: SoundCloud Instagram Twitter:

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“Yeaeeyah ” is Young Dread’s second and latest release off of his album, Master Kilimanjaro, that will be releasing on August 25, 2017. “Yeaeeyah ” is an artistic expression of the comparison between what one looks for with in people's minds vs what is really going on in real life. Young Dread uses a creative mix of electronic reggae infused with southern trap leading to a sound all his own. As artist Young Dread never ceases to leave a lasting impression with his music “Yeaeeyah” is no exception, and his upcoming album, Master Kilimanjaro, won’t be either. Available on over 100 of your favorite sites including Tidal, iTunes and Spotify. Listen on Spotify here: Follow Young Dread IG @theyoungdread FB @therealyoungdread Twitter @theyoungdread YouTube: SoundCloud For Booking:

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Stream the "Ellsworth" EP Here: Young Mensah an up n coming artist from Chicago releases debut EP Ellsworth which is a culmination of his highs and also his struggles.