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There is no question that the evolution of the music industry has been heavily linked to the evolution of the internet. Gone are the days when record stores ruled the industry and people only had the chance to listen to their favorite artists if they spent a significant amount of cash on their latest CD’s. Now this has changed completely and people are able to get their music online and even purchase single tracks if they only want a few tracks from an album. There are many music services online that have a large list of artists available. Some of them have very large lists of options to choose from, but others only have a small number of popular artists. Some of those sites include Spotify and Deezer, but they all have their restrictions and their issues. The good thing about looking for things online is that you have a vast number of choices. There are some newer sites that are doing things right and that is the case with They have the largest artist list available and you can listen to decent bitrate sized versions of the songs for free. You can also share the songs and add them to a favorite playlist that you can later go back to and this is an excellent feature. I also like the fact that you can look for the lyrics to the song and find things like ringtones and other stuff that is linked on the page. There is no way to deny that this is an industry that is constantly changing, so the best way to keep up with those changes is to find the most reliable sources online. The best musiс streaming service is always going to be online without any server issues and it will be easy to navigate and to browse around. This is the reason why is probably the best option right now, but I would suggest checking out other available sites as there might be something else worth your time. So, remember, if you want to get great results, just type listen music playlists for free on a major search engine and you will see a lot of variety, but the sites we mentioned are the ones we recommend the most. This is the main reason why we also encourage other research in case you end up finding something really good, but the www.MusicMegaBoxEN site is really a great way to get thousands of artists. The year 2017 has brought a bunch of new and exciting things to the world of music and we will see many more implementations coming in the next 3 to 5 years. Let’s just hope that all of those changes are going to cater to the fans of music in any way and allow them to get their music easily without hassles. Check them out today and start listening to your favorite artist singles and popular songs absolutely free of charge.

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Boondock Branded artist Mark Daniel releases his DEBUT single "Life goes on" featuring Dammit Boy/13 Skulls artist David Ray and produced by Jeremy Day aka J Wayne..Mark Daniel is set to release his first full length project in 2018 titled "The BOONBOXALYPSE"..Promising to seperate himself from other artists with his unique blend of sounds crossing genres while remaining lyrically transparent with real hip hop lyrics.... Listen to "Life Goes On" on Soundcloud here: Follow Mark Daniel: IG: @Mark_boondockbrand_Daniel Twitter: @MarkDaniel518 FB: @MarkDanielBoonyBoi Contact email:

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Hard-hitting attitude, flawless rapping and feet tapping beats define the singles of Yvng Savage who his famous with his stage name C.N.A Savage. Tallahassee based artist cum rapper is one person who is steadily making a space for himself in the hip hop music zone. His tracks portray the changing style of hip hop and rap music blended with innovative sounds and flawless rapping style. The artist has worked with various producers and also teamed up with renowned rappers to add more professional touch to his compositions. Hip Hop lovers turn to SoundCloud to enjoy the party banger tracks of C.N.A. Savage. Yvng Savage aka C.N.A Savage is a native of Tallahassee, United Sate, the rising destination of hip hop music. The city has a name for it when it comes to hip hop has produced artists like T-Pain, the Grammy award winner. The local music scene of Tallahassee is bold and vibrant and holds a distinctive position in terms of rapping. C.N.A Savage does complete justice to his native place and his tracks on SoundCloud prove it. Be it the raw flavor of street style hip hop or the zesty club banger, C.N.A Savage is the master of all traits. The tracks that has helped him to form a good fan base on soundCloud are “Skrttt”, “Whaaa”, “Xanny $hit”, “FLEX” etc. The true energy of hip hop and rap music comes with the flawless rapping a midst of electrifying music score. Hip hop and rap are interrelated terms and the original spark of the genre is only possible with excellent rapping style by flamboyant rappers. Rapping style over the years underwent huge transition and there exists huge difference between old school rap and contemporary rap narration. In recent years rap has become more rhythmic that adds to the charm of the art form. While speaking of hip hop and rap, SoundCloud music sharing site needs special mention because of being the hotbed for tuning latest music pieces. One new artist who is making a stand out position on the gala is C.N.A Savage. Although a new name in the zone, the artist needs special attention for coming up with avant-garde compositions that will keep listeners hooked to his SoundCloud gallery. Soundcloud - Instagram -

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Hip hop music is that kind of music that will give you thrill and it is very soothing for your ear. The power of hip hop will amaze you and make you happy. In this area of hip hop music, arrives the superb star DJ Square on SoundCloud. He is all the way from Humble, United States and his song has some of the influences of this place. The enigmatic foreplay he does with his music will take you to the different world of wonder. The ecstatic kind of rhythm, the electrifying kind of beat he has used in his music is mind blowing. Every songs of him are different in their own unique style and it will mesmerize you. It goes straight to your heart and will leave an imprint upon you. The sensational tracks have the effective protocol to pump up your body. His deejaying technique has won the heart of many and he is raising high with his fantastic composition. The break beat accumulated perfectly and the hitting technology will keep you enchanted. The wide panorama of music he has used is quite impressive and no other star has ever done this kind of fantastic work. The continuous rapping style, the orgasmic chanting is very nice. DJ Square’s passion for music has enabled him to come up with some enlightening music that you will love to listen. He is also known by the name Thomas Green and his entertaining composition will totally give you goosebump. Some of his commendable tracks that are on SoundCloud are “OVO”, “Serendipity”, “One time for ya mind” and many more. The serene kind of fervor and the stimulating music is really nice. The fluent kind of hypnotism and the sudden exhilaration is really nice. If you want to get in touch with this stunning super star you must visit SoundCloud. For listening this song, please visit this link : Twitter -

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If you are bored of listening to same kind of music and want some change, you must visit SoundCloud. Here you will find many talented artists with their latent creativity. Here you will get the super artist FlyCam. You will love his music accommodation and the affluent kind of engagement he tries to imbibe in his music portrayal. His magical EP “Timeflies” will make you go crazy about him. The opening and closing of this EP from United States based star is gaining huge acclaim. The overpolished finish and the sharp technicality are awesome. The immense warmth this music has and the refreshing beats are worth witnessing. The nice throw of cumulative beat and the rapping is stunning. The classic fresh sound of FlyCam in his “Timeflies” is really nice. The music has the powerful soundscape and extraordinary brightness that you will fall for. The uplifting music will be loved by age of all people. His idea reflect his life story but in a different way. The music is very eclectic and the multitude of melodies will heal your nerves. If you want to get him visit SoundCloud. The structured and effective music composition is very nice and entertaining. The intricate detailed function is really nice. The nice hook is amazing and tremendously done and will leave its impact upon you. “Timeflies” has all the essential elements of hip hop that are mainly required. Every single note of him is adventurous with a sharpening feature which will enlighten you. The right words used in his music and the right perspective will light up your day. If you want to listen to this talented artist you must tune into SoundCloud. Soundcloud -

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Bando Kizzle is establishing new fan count on Soundcloud with his latest songs. He is a self motivated and influenced musician who is bound to create some inspiring music. He has used a generous amount of musical instruments that are making his songs filled with beats and bass. All the songs by this North Orange County native are mostly southern hip hop tracks. His music is relatable and reflective that is thoroughly enjoyed by all his listeners. He shares his experiences through the hip hop and rap songs he creates for fans. For some mind-blowing musical extravaganza, listen to all his songs. The impeccable music in all his songs offers real sense to fans. Bando Kizzle’s pours his heart and soul in the songs he creates. For a true understanding, listen to songs like – “Digits”, “Lih Bih”, “I Can Tell”, “Mash Out”, “Yesterday” and many more such songs available on his Soundcloud profile. Also, connect with him on all major social media sites – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Soundcloud:

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SWAG ALERT REVIEW : LETS SEE HOW MUCH SWAG DOES FLY BOI GREATONE NEW SINGLE , RIDE THROUGH PEOPLE LET US KNOW SHOULD BE ROCK WITH IT OR GIVE A FEW MARKET VISITS BEFORE WE PLAY IT. FlyBoi Greatone is one of the featured Hip Hop artists currently residing in Hartford, Connecticut that is taking the city by storm. From his distinct tone, word play and punchlines he is the Tri-States' best kept secret. Greatone has been seen in shows from the east coast on down. Be sure to look out for his upcoming EP titled "Talking Sporty" which includes features from Rocko, Snootie Wild, Young LA and production from Zaytoven, Cassius Jay, DJ K-Swiss, The Colleagues and many more.

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Music has become the way of life for most of us. It is an incredible way to connect with self and evoke unconditional emotions. With the advent of internet, listening to music has become way more feasible with the launch of music sharing sites like SoundCloud. It has provided a platform to the upcoming artists to drop their tracks and make them popular amongst global music enthusiast. One artist named Robert Tapert aka Dr. Buzzworm is gaining huge attention for his multi-genre tracks that has been widely accepted by music nerds. The artist skills at pop, country and alternative rock music and has drooped good number of music pieces based on these genres. SoundCloud gala has one such music gallery that can be regarded the ultimate consoling destination. It is none other than the profile of Dr. Buzzworm aka Robert Tapert whose exceptional singles are crafted for every occasion. No matter you are craving for party tracks or soul feeding tracks to relax your mind, Dr. Buzzworm’s music gallery has it all. The artist has specializes in alternative rock music but equally excels as a pop and country music singer cum composer. His country track “Ice Water In Hell” is an amazing music piece blended with fresh country flavors. Dr. Buzzworm is based on Los Angeles with a passion for music. His tracks on SoundCloud reflect his dedication to music. The best thing about Dr. Buzzworm is that his tracks are beautifully written and the artist pours his soul to create the perfect ambience. His debut track “Ice water in Well” is a country music that is blended with the zesty country flavors. The track is perfect to listening especially with mates and gives the vibe of a fun filled occasion. He is very sensible when it comes to compose poignant tracks. The track “Walk through the Forest” is one of the best tracks on SoundCloud. The track is perfect for all who want to spend some quality time alone with your special friend. The guitar melody by Marcus Watkins is truly mesmerizing. Dr. Buzzworm reveals his versatility and diverse knowledge on alt rock music with “No place like Hell” that is blended with witty and introspective lyrics. Soundcloud -

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Camouflage Monk Drops New Album, "ラストリアルニッガ" Originally known for producing on Griselda/Shady Records recording Artist WestSide Gunn's 2014 Grimey Hip Hop Comeback ''Hitler Wears Hermes 2'' and countless records after along with Earl Sweatshirts new favorite artist Mach-Hommy, ThaGodFahim, Hus Kingpin,Conway & Your Old Droog that list of names alone should tell you this young Buffalo New York native is producing nothing but infinite fire emoji's. He's already being compared to the likes of legendary producers such as Madlib & Pete Rock with his major release with Mach-Hommy set to drop in 2018 until then enjoy these 16 beautiful instrumental ensembles curated by Camouflauge Monk. Listen to "ラストリアルニッガ" - Follow Camouflage Monk

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Albertlee describes the album, "Album is about the come up and working hard and grinding." Stream "AlbertLeegmechapter1" on Spotify here: Follow AlbertLee YouTube: