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AAGNG is all the way from United States and his particular song has the influence of this very place. His loneliness has given him the power to come out with fresh beat and you will find that in his “R.A.C.X.X”. He has experimented with rhyming approach. The song has nice off beat flow but as the song progresses, you will be thrilled with the rhythmic exposure. If you want to listen to his music, you must turn toward SoundCloud. AAGNG Stacxx lyricism presents a cord of ideas and stories that will never fail you to praise him. When your life is filled with terror and the days seem long, his song will act as rescue. His attractive vocal along with nice chemistry from certain musical equipments has given his song extra jazz.

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Winter has teamed up with artist Kidd Kidd in the track “New Chain” another exemplary music piece that portrays his versatility. Winter is working on his upcoming tapes that will soon be available on SoundCloud. Music fans don’t forget to add Winter’s party bangers to your favorite list. Stream: "New Chain" by Winter Here: The new artist who is grabbing maximum attention to his music gallery is Winter. This young and versatile artist has recently released two new singles each of which is different and offers very innovative beats and rapping styles. Winter is a Canada based artist who has poured his soul to create the tracks that is now available in SoundCloud. His debut track “Big Enough” is a fast paced rap track with a zesty music score. The USP of this track is the rapping style of Winter that is clear and easily understandable. Through this track he reveals his confidence level and positive approach towards life. He has the perfect attitude required for this art form. Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Soundcloud:

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Are you bored listening to the same traditional form of music? In that case, you can tune into the new artist Levis.Favorite in soundcloud. This young soul has created some wonderful trap music. His contribution in the field of trap music genre will overwhelm you. No matter how much exhausted you are, Levis.Favorite’s new track will keep you energetic for long hours. The use of high pitched vocals in the middle of continuous rhythmic flow has left a good impression on the listeners’ mind. Trap music enthusiasts now listen to his new creation “Lit Off The Goose”. Levis.Favorite has started his journey in the world of music from his teenage. And gradually, he has developed good interest in trap music. His new blended trap song “Lit Off The Goose” is getting popular for its musical vocal delivery. The high and low pitched vocal is arranged over the backbeats of his music. “Lit Off The Goose” includes all sorts of trap music elements. This song is soaring high because of its high magnifying sound effects. Levis.Favorite’s composition is sharp and delivers perfect beats as well. This artist knows how to keep his listeners engaged to the music for long hours. Music lovers are going to love his other trap songs which are already streaming on soundcloud. Levis.Favorite adds buildups, bridges and breakdowns as well as good tempo in his songs. The songs have some thrilling effect that encourages the listeners from all ages to stay tuned to his music. Levis.Favorite is enjoying his good popularity for the new song “Lit Off The Goose”. Soundcloud has gifted this rockstar with some friendly-ears. If you want to follow this unique trap musician, then you can get connected to him in snap chat and instagram. His music videos are also available on youtube. Soundcloud -

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“Don’t Mind” is out now on SoundCloud and spreading its powerful prowess to the listeners. The young artists have generated their passion throughout the Soundcloud music industry and the pulsating clear voice will drive numerous hip hop enthusiasts. The song has a clear momentum of a positive approach which listeners will relate to. The sharp orchestral display of zesty hooks at the later part of the music is amazing. Together the duo’s sentiments combine to make something compelling and mesmeric. Your life will become bright and beautiful after you listen to their ecstatic beats. The Bay Area natives Dylan Howell and Colby Freeman are the members of BL3SS3D. Both of them are versatile and excel in rapping and composing. Their mesmerizing voice texture is reflected in the compositions. The track “Don’t Mind” is the one that is soothing and melodious listeners will love to play in leisure time. BL3SS3D is the label name for the rappers Dylan Howell and Colby Freeman, the sensible youths of Bay Area. Their musicality stands alone for the fresh notes they blends with the thoughtful lyrics. These youngsters set an example for the youths who looks hip hop as only a gritty and fun filled art form. The tracks “Magic”, “Mesmerized” and “You With Me” reveals soulful voice texture and also uniqueness in lyrical rapping. BL3SS3D has a long way to go and have already become the top selection of various producers and recording labels. Must listen the song:

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Mike Nauti’s latest hip hop tracks are gaining good popularity amongst the audiences. His new tracks are filled up with excellent musicality. Variations, bridges and snappy snares are well-introduced in his song. Mike Nauti has released a good number of songs till now. His music is blended with the two main pillars of music and they are hip hop and rap. The constant repetitive beats are perfectly arranged to create buzz amongst the listeners. The rhythm of his music will overwhelm your mood. However, if you want to trip your body with new hip hop tracks, then you should add this singer to your soundcloud playlist. Mike Nauti has proved his excellence in this music genre. He wishes to engrave his name under the list of top-most singers in soundcloud. Mike Nauti’s song has included a strong bass line along with good lyrical prowess. the tracks deal with grimy metaphors as well. Songs like “Quiet Storm”, “Low”, “Ride”, “Young Man” and “It’ A Lot” are worth listening in repetition. This singer captures the attention of thousands out there in soundcloud. Mike Nauti’s song is a new and refreshing experience for all his fans and followers. He offers unique approach to the hip hop music. When things are calm and quiet, music lovers will love grooving with Mike Nauti’s music. All his tracks are free from influence and he stands out to be unique amongst the crowd. strong hooks, drum beats and engrossing guitar riffs will take your stress. Being a music enthusiast, if you feel to trigger away your feelings, then stay connected with this rising star in soundcloud. Also, the tracks are motivational as well as flawlessly performed. Soundcloud - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram -

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"The Chosen Samples" is the debut effort of Hip-Hop Producer Stu Gretto. It contains instrumentals created out of samples chosen by YOU, the fans, friends, and fellow lovers of dope music. It is a collaboration of the people and the producer. Available NOW on Bandcamp!!! Stream "The Chosen Samples" Here: Follow Stu Gretto

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Swag On Auto Pilot = S.O.A.P. ! '''Ase Card''', is a rapper, songwriter and recording artist on Non-Stop/Soapmuzik productions, hailing from the Bay Area, Fairfield, California, popularized by his energetic and passionate flow and his distinct connection to his fans on both an urban and political standpoint. Since age eight, Ase has grown from his beginning stage of emceeing, ...crafting his skill with every song and album created; not to mention, Ase has collaborated with more than half of nor-cal's recording artist and the list goes on. Basing his music off of past struggles, life, and overall opinions on the world and its social climate, Card has never been one to hold his tongue. Conclusively, Ase Card is the future, and a definitive force to move the industry in a positive that is sure to be embraced by millions of people around the world. DO YOU GOT YOUR S.O.A.P.? Watch the "Hold It Down" Music Video on Youtube Here: @AseCard on facebook, twitter and instagram. Snapchat: AseCard on Spotify: AseCard - Hold It Down :

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D'ussé is the first single from Johnny Crown's Drunk LP that blends a slick urban vibe with a slow rolling R&B groove and the heavy kick of a trap backbeat which he coins "Tender Trap".It's a sensual and sassy ,seductive and elegant song about the latest and greatest congnac in the world now. Stream "D'ussé" by Johnny Crown on Spotify here: Follow Johnny Crown @iamjohnnycrown on Twitter & Instagram

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John Catapano is all the way from Long Island, NY and has been writing and playing music for the past 5 years. The long years of practice have enabled him to become more graceful with his music building. His music and the composition have the unique texture of superflow. The magnetic way of lyrical prowess he has shown will take away your breath. His husky voice along with the improvisation of various musical instruments is awesome. The easy to listen and soothing ambience will create a fresh and replenish thing for you which you cannot forget. His 5 years in the music industry has given him the ability to outshine in the crowd like a bright star. Every song has a story to tell and each one of them is different. John Catapano sings his own song and has mastered in the field of music with a lot of practice. His music is like fire and will make you hypnotized. Now he is quite established and his songs are running successfully on SoundCloud. Facebook: Soundcloud:

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Alex Plant is preparing to release more new tracks based on electronic dance music genre. His unmatchable musicality stands him out of the crowd as well. According to the fans, he will soon achieve his desired success in the music industry. Alex has struggled a lot during his career and he wishes to engrave his name amongst the top musicians in soundcloud. His songs prepares huge pace that is immensely pleasing to the worldwide listeners. “Beyond Linear Time”, “Codes 2” and “Infinity” are amongst his wonderful blended electronic songs. The strength of his music is unwavering with talent and skills of Alex Plant. He has gained perfect knowledge of rhythm and riffs. Hence, Alex Plant is able to deliver back-to-back new musicality. His music has come up as high demand amongst the worldwide fans. This artist has the potential to engage more followers within few hours. Fans now stay connected with this rockstar to listen to more new versions of electronic music. Soundcloud: