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Fairview Heights of the United States of America is witnessing an extraordinary talent with the mind blowing tracks of Joe Gang. Music has its own feel – it can be the happy side of the human life or it can be the other way round. Joe Gang specializes in creating tracks which will deal with your emotions. As mentioned earlier, hip hop has the ability to deliver anything and everything with the use of simple language. While keeping a simple lyrical part, this young lad tends to touch the emotional aspect of the listeners. Each one of his creations uses slow soothing music, which is actually a bit different than the other conventional hip hop music. Being an independent musician, Joe Gang has his own self-proclaimed label called ‘JGE’ under which he is making some splendid hip hop music. Joe Gang aims to communicate the love and the heart broken part of his life through his music. His songs touch the emotions of the listeners all around the world. The soothing tune of his songs enhances that feeling. He is an identified rapper of Fairview Heights for his unique sense of music. Starting from “R

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The new creation of this singer “Tha Glow” has received good number of comments and likes from the soundcloud listeners. This music is comprised of loud kicks, kinky articulation, snappy snares and hi-hats as well. This mind-blowing contribution of this musician is worth praising. Trap music has come up as a sub genre of music in 2000 and since then it has faced huge revolution. Well, Bearlustage’s getting viral for his unique musical approach. Very few musicians know the use of low end 808 bass samples in trap music and Bearlustage is one of them. “Tha Glow” has come up with a medley of trap, hip hop and rap. The music played in the backdrop of this song is captivating the mind of listeners. Visit here to listen this song of Bearlustage :

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Papi Versace, the 21years old dedicated rapper is creating buzz with his back-to-back new releases. “Get !T Back” is another incredible music piece of this rising star. This song offers some exclusive energetic beats. Papi Versace has introduced an amazing lyrical prowess throughout the track. Creativity is at his finger tips and he knows how to play with rhythm and verse as well. “Get !T Back” is an ultimate example of hip hop and rap blend. It consists of all hip hop elements fused with rapping. This song is more than worthy of your attention. “Get !T Back” is not only a hip hop fusion, but also, the singer has delivered his best musicality ever in this single. Amazing vocal tune, the laid back, and soulful musical blast will leave in a peaceful world. The songwriting ability of Papi Versace is beyond any question. The simple application of instrumental fusion is worth praising. Lyrics that are interwoven with excellent snappy beats are perfectly introduced in “Get !T Back”. The rapping style of Papi Versace has helped him to stand out amongst the mass. His performing style is refreshing and it engages your mind for long hours. Soundcloud -

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The young singer Houston Blake has developed goof fan base for his recent released hip hop song “Truth”. If you want to groove with edgy music tunes, then you should add his songs in your playlist. “Truth” is comprised of loud kicks, variations, and bridges. You will love listening to his magical voice in repetition. The artist is quick response from the worldwide listeners. Houston Blake has incorporated new musical blends along with traditional hip hop tunes. Moreover, this hip hop singer is really a motivation for other rising singers who wish to release songs based on hip hop and rap genre. Houston Blake has received good notoriety from the fans and followers. Therefore, the music producers are expecting this superstar to grow more fans count in this short period of time. The rapping style in “Truth” represents an engaging tune. It keeps you energetic and lets you get rid of the whole-day’s tiredness. The songwriting skill of Houston Blake is praised by the music enthusiasts. “Truth” is comprised of loud kicks and variations. The use of modern instrumental blends is worth praising. Unlike other hip hop singers, Houston Blake has experimented a lot with hip hop and rap music. His music showcases the talent this singer really possesses. Soundcloud -

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Haydo hails from San Diego, CA and is determined to make his music known all across the world. The crunchy beat and the entertaining vibe he creates will take away your breath. He has experimented with his music and has used a wide variety of musical equipment to which you will be attracted. The great beat from the drum machine and other important instruments has made the song “Waves” more lyrical. The song is produced by Haydo himself. His nice wave of music he has created is really awesome. The beginning of the music too is sensational and it will give you a feel of magic.

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In his second video release, Tommie King illustrates his verbal warning to the game that he's on the rise and appears to be dead serious. The Caleb Seales directed video displays Tommie King performing confidently in his hometown of Atlanta. Tommie describes the visual, "I wanted the look of the video to feel bold, to show growth and progress from the setting and background down to my camera presence. My movement is building and I'm growing so much as an artist, it was important to communicate that visually." Tommie King has amassed over 200K plays on Soundcloud by releasing only two records in 2017. The young Atlanta spitter has major plans for his movement in 2018, so be sure to stay tuned. "Dead Up" by Tommie King Music Video Link: Follow Tommie King:

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Mike Nauti’s latest hip hop tracks are gaining good popularity amongst the audiences. His new tracks are filled up with excellent musicality. Variations, bridges and snappy snares are well-introduced in his song. Mike Nauti has released a good number of songs till now. His music is blended with the two main pillars of music and they are hip hop and rap. The constant repetitive beats are perfectly arranged to create buzz amongst the listeners. The rhythm of his music will overwhelm your mood. Mike Nauti is also known to unite with the popular Harlem group "Diplomats". He is an awesome artist and wants to take his music to a different level. For that, he is determined and is practicing music more and more. He always craved for becoming a famous star and now his dream has come true. The different layer, his attractive vocal and the high punchy line will make you go crazy for him. Some of his energetic music that is doing rounds is Quite Storm, Ride, Young Man etc. All this music is different in style and you will get astonished by them. Soundcloud -

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Mogul collaborates w/ signee Torrence LaMont on the sorry symphony Make It Up produced by super producer LawBeatz. This visual is shot and directed by High Vision Films and is also the lead single for Mogul's new album 1OF1 Deluxe set to release Dec 26th. Watch the music video here: Co Founder and CEO Mogul of D1|CMG, a Chicago based record company, Derrick “Mogul” Robinson a Chicago Heights native, began his record label in 2015, signing artists like Geno, Young Mack, Torrence Lamont, Chi Truth, RJ Bands, Slitta and Apollo. Not only did he sign other artists, he signed himself. Mogul aka Young Mogul Chi has been around the music industry since the tender age of 11 and has had a passion for music ever since. Mogul dropped his first project “Deal or No Deal” in 2009. Since launching his music career, he has been on the BET College Tour, Sprite Tour and SXSW Music Festival sponsored by Coors Light. Currently, Mogul has three albums released to date, “Careless, Humble and Independent, 1 of 1 and United We Stand, Divided We Fall,” collaborated with his signed artists. Mogul debuts his new album “1 of 1 Deluxe” December 26, 2017. The deluxe album will feature new hits “Brazy” and “Make It Up” featuring Torrence Lamont. In 2017, Mogul launched the D1CMG funded not-for-profit #KeepChicagoWarm where the label and additional volunteers does a pop up coat/clothes drive to provide for the less fortunate. For inquiries/media/ interviews contact For more information: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:

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Independent hip hop artist BLAIRS has dropped his new hip hop track “LoveOnYourBody”. This singer has developed good knowledge on hip hop, rap and R&B genre of music. Though “LoveOnYourBody” is a new released track, it has already received a lot of likes and positive response from the worldwide audiences. BLAIRS offers original and creative hip hop and rap blend to listeners. However, his “LoveOnYourBody” is medley of hip hop, rap, R&B, rock and pop music. Blairs has arrived on SoundCloud with his innovative yet freestyle music. His “LoveOnYourBody” is one of his famous songs. The music is melodious with nice instrumentation in the background. The hip-hop music is infused with a medley that you will like to listen. The symphonic rhythm and the exciting beat he has created will make you fall for the artist. The cool star shows his brilliant wordplay and the well-synchronized music will take away your breath. The rapper Blairs works for Saiko Studios and belongs from New Orleans. He has taken his music making to a different level by usage of different instruments. Soundcloud -

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L.G is the innovative hip-hop artist who has come on SoundCloud with his brilliant album “Alpha Omega”. The album has gained huge popularity all over the world. The fresh rap he has set and the amazing vibe it has will make you feel wow. The systematized beat and the highly powerful hook will create a lasting impression on you. He is determined to make his music known and that what he has done. “Alpha Omega” has perfect technological rhythm modulation which is really effective. He is best known for creating his perfect beat and bombastic sound. You can describe it as one of the influential beat of this century. The banger artist L.G has catered many fans and you will love his music composition. He always had a knack for music and now it has become true. The usage of sequencer, drum and other important equipment will make you crazy. The chemistry between all these instruments will amaze you. The perfect synth and the cumulative rap L.G has utilized will truly take away your breath. The percussion break and the stimulating rhythm will create magic in your body. Soundcloud -