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Hard-hitting attitude, flawless rapping and feet tapping beats define the singles of Yvng Savage who his famous with his stage name C.N.A Savage. Tallahassee based artist cum rapper is one person who is steadily making a space for himself in the hip hop music zone. His tracks portray the changing style of hip hop and rap music blended with innovative sounds and flawless rapping style. The artist has worked with various producers and also teamed up with renowned rappers to add more professional touch to his compositions. Hip Hop lovers turn to SoundCloud to enjoy the party banger tracks of C.N.A. Savage. Yvng Savage aka C.N.A Savage is a native of Tallahassee, United Sate, the rising destination of hip hop music. The city has a name for it when it comes to hip hop has produced artists like T-Pain, the Grammy award winner. The local music scene of Tallahassee is bold and vibrant and holds a distinctive position in terms of rapping. C.N.A Savage does complete justice to his native place and his tracks on SoundCloud prove it. Be it the raw flavor of street style hip hop or the zesty club banger, C.N.A Savage is the master of all traits. The tracks that has helped him to form a good fan base on soundCloud are “Skrttt”, “Whaaa”, “Xanny $hit”, “FLEX” etc. The true energy of hip hop and rap music comes with the flawless rapping a midst of electrifying music score. Hip hop and rap are interrelated terms and the original spark of the genre is only possible with excellent rapping style by flamboyant rappers. Rapping style over the years underwent huge transition and there exists huge difference between old school rap and contemporary rap narration. In recent years rap has become more rhythmic that adds to the charm of the art form. While speaking of hip hop and rap, SoundCloud music sharing site needs special mention because of being the hotbed for tuning latest music pieces. One new artist who is making a stand out position on the gala is C.N.A Savage. Although a new name in the zone, the artist needs special attention for coming up with avant-garde compositions that will keep listeners hooked to his SoundCloud gallery. Soundcloud - Instagram -

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Mike ADHD, Sid Wilson, Baby Eazy E, Young Dirty Bastard & Bizarre (D12) - Frag Out (Music Video) Link: "Orphan Veteran" available now Spotify: Amazon: Apple: Mike ADHD - Frag Out ft. Sid Wilson of Slipknot, Baby Eazy E, Young Dirty Bastard & Bizarre of D12 [Prod. Sean Strange} Video co-directed & edited by Fes Taylor 1) It's Me Mike (Prod. by Webbsta) 2) Boom Bap Is Back (Prod. by DJ Radiohead) 3) Respect (Prod. by Webbsta) 4) The Greatest ft. iNTeLL (Prod. by Level 13) 5) Lost In The Foster System (Prod. by DJ Radiohead) 6) Frag Out ft. Sid Wilson, Baby Eazy E, Young Dirty Bastard & Bizarre (Prod. by Sean Strange) 7) Fame (Prod. by Webbsta) 8) Old School (Prod. by DJ Hoppa) 9) Bloodstorm ft. Goretex (Prod. by DJ Radiohead) 10) One Man Army (Prod. by Webbsta) 11) Like A King (Prod. by Beatahoe) 12) Grand Finale ft. Ju Muny (Prod. by Young Aspect) 13) Unreached Heights (Prod. by Webbsta) Links: Facebook: Twitter: Itunes: Soundcloud: Pandora:

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Independent musician Mike Nauti has launched his new music in soundcloud. This singer has expressed his unique musicality in many of his tracks. If you like listening to some mesmerizing beats, then tune into Mike Nauti’s new tracks. Though there are many other hip hop singers in soundcloud, Mike Nauti has something very unique in his songs. He delivers promising music and engages his fans in enjoying some excellent musicality. Mike Nauti has experienced a lot of ups and downs during the past few years. He has faced many troubles while climbing his success stairs. Now, this young mind has become able to captivate the mind of thousands. Mike Nauti has shown his pure savvy and skill through his musical artistry. Each of his songs has a different story to tell you. His music shifts from low note to high note and it is really innovative. All music lovers like to hear something exciting and wonderful, Mike Nauti can work well with his musical equipment in an electrifying as well as soothing way. You will get to hear his songs on SoundCloud. Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: Google+: Soundcloud:

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Music is one form of entertainment that is loved by all people. The great kind of rhythm and the enticing musical outflow will make you crazy. One hip-hop musician who is flying high with his immense music is ZayHulse x Jamci. His ecstatic song “Come Up” will make you enlightened and you will love the musical accompaniment. The nice usage of drum machine and other important equipment will take away your breath. He has the ability to take you to the different world of wonder. The song is really a dope one that will mesmerize your soul. You will find the great rapper on SoundCloud. Hip-hop music is getting vast recognition and it has undergone constant evolution. In fact, the current genre of hip-hop is filled with talented rappers who are pushing the boundaries of hip-hop. One of the stars whose song is doing rounds on SoundCloud is ZayHulse x Jamci. He always had a knack for making fantastic music and he has come with one. The song “Come Up” has the bright display of entertaining beat and the elaborate discussion of his own life. His projection of lyrics will inspire many fans those who love listening to hip-hop music. Each of his words displays the path to reality. With the release of his “Come Up”, he has grabbed many eyeballs and he is still increasing his fan following. He is unsigned to any big name and this independent star has gone far with his inventive ideas of music making. The unbelievable energy and power ZayHulse x Jamci infuses in his music is extremely wonderful. His music gallery is actually filled with another remarkable hip-hop music. If you are interested in listening to this exciting star you must tune into SoundCloud. Soundcloud -

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“Don’t Mind” is out now on SoundCloud and spreading its powerful prowess to the listeners. The young artists have generated their passion throughout the Soundcloud music industry and the pulsating clear voice will drive numerous hip hop enthusiasts. The song has a clear momentum of a positive approach which listeners will relate to. The sharp orchestral display of zesty hooks at the later part of the music is amazing. Together the duo’s sentiments combine to make something compelling and mesmeric. Your life will become bright and beautiful after you listen to their ecstatic beats. The Bay Area natives Dylan Howell and Colby Freeman are the members of BL3SS3D. Both of them are versatile and excel in rapping and composing. Their mesmerizing voice texture is reflected in the compositions. The track “Don’t Mind” is the one that is soothing and melodious listeners will love to play in leisure time. BL3SS3D is the label name for the rappers Dylan Howell and Colby Freeman, the sensible youths of Bay Area. Their musicality stands alone for the fresh notes they blends with the thoughtful lyrics. These youngsters set an example for the youths who looks hip hop as only a gritty and fun filled art form. The tracks “Magic”, “Mesmerized” and “You With Me” reveals soulful voice texture and also uniqueness in lyrical rapping. BL3SS3D has a long way to go and have already become the top selection of various producers and recording labels. Must listen the song:

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Are you bored listening to the same traditional form of music? In that case, you can tune into the new artist Levis.Favorite in soundcloud. This young soul has created some wonderful trap music. His contribution in the field of trap music genre will overwhelm you. No matter how much exhausted you are, Levis.Favorite’s new track will keep you energetic for long hours. The use of high pitched vocals in the middle of continuous rhythmic flow has left a good impression on the listeners’ mind. Trap music enthusiasts now listen to his new creation “Lit Off The Goose”. Levis.Favorite has started his journey in the world of music from his teenage. And gradually, he has developed good interest in trap music. His new blended trap song “Lit Off The Goose” is getting popular for its musical vocal delivery. The high and low pitched vocal is arranged over the backbeats of his music. “Lit Off The Goose” includes all sorts of trap music elements. This song is soaring high because of its high magnifying sound effects. Levis.Favorite’s composition is sharp and delivers perfect beats as well. This artist knows how to keep his listeners engaged to the music for long hours. Music lovers are going to love his other trap songs which are already streaming on soundcloud. Levis.Favorite adds buildups, bridges and breakdowns as well as good tempo in his songs. The songs have some thrilling effect that encourages the listeners from all ages to stay tuned to his music. Levis.Favorite is enjoying his good popularity for the new song “Lit Off The Goose”. Soundcloud has gifted this rockstar with some friendly-ears. If you want to follow this unique trap musician, then you can get connected to him in snap chat and instagram. His music videos are also available on youtube. Soundcloud -

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Hip hop and rap music is globally acclaimed for its great style of music. It has been adopted by several musicians worldwide as their main music genre. It is forever evolving to be at par with new styles and techniques. Therefore, many new musicians all over the world have come forward with their music. One such artist is Jon Rawls – a Canberra, Australia based musician who is offering fans superb energetic songs. Listen to his latest hip hop and rap song, “Whats All The Commotion”. This is a trendy song blended with traditional music that is rocking the Soundcloud arena. The young artist is a versatile musician who is presently dedicated to bring energy on the Soundcloud arena. His song – “Whats All The Commotion” is rhythmic as well as superb to listen. There are a lot of revitalizing tunes in the song that is blended in metaphorical lyrics to reflect the contemporary culture. A rapper works effortlessly to create beautiful verses that are filled with pioneering music. His fans would definitely be obsessed with his music that is filled with beautiful melody. Jon Rawls might make traditional music but it is trendy and stylish to witness. Fans would gradually realize his talents when they start listening to him. The musical genre of hip hop and rap is influencing fans since 1970s and gradually building fan count across the world. There are various artists who have turned their passion for hip hop into profession. The amazing elements of hip hop and rap when fused together create a superb harmony. So, if you are ready to be drowned in the essence of hip hop and rap, listen to “Whats All The Commotion” by Jon Rawls. This Canberra, Australia based musician is mainly into old school hip hop music. He is dedicated towards making his music popular with superb tunes and beats. Soundcloud -

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Childers is one of the greatest rappers with the ability to represent the fusion of creativity, storytelling ability and influence on society. Today you will find his songs being played on various discs and house parties too. His music is heavy on bass and light on lyricism yet it is very influential for the youth of today. His explosive music that is going viral on SoundCloud is “Childers SZN”. It is a mind-blowing album, tracks comprising of 10. It is one of his smashing collaborative efforts with JD3. The music is released by ChosenFewMusic and the stylistic approach is really brilliant. Hip-hop music has become one of the popular genres with the presence of some effective elements. In this popular arena of music making arrives the great rapper, Childers. He has made some incredible hip-hop music and one of the powerful music that is gaining huge acclaim is “Childers SZN”. The great album is presented nicely with the utilization of different instruments, from guitar, drums to other important instruments. He works under the label ChosenFewRecords and was born in Cleveland, Ohio. “Childers SZN” is one of his classic albums you will ever come across. The powerful tune from the guitar at the very start is cool. The whole musical journey is charismatic leaving you spellbound. His childhood knowledge of lyrical rap has given him the prowess to come up with a magical piece. His music radiates confidence and it will illuminate your inner soul. J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar being his influences has made him build a stylistic music. Fame does not come in a day; it requires hard work and worship. Childers have worked hard day and night to make his dream come true. Soundcloud -

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According to Victoria Hernandez Donald Trump has faced severe criticism from the Hip Hop community and now that he is president of the United States, he has given the people more reason to question him as he attacks the media while his team seemingly feeds the public false information. Talib Kweli says that Trump’s rise to power is reflective of society as a whole. A quick glance at the Black Star rapper’s Twitter feed shows how he engages with people every day, seeking to debunk those who come at him. “I think the rise of the Trump era has to do with that side of it,” he says in an interview with Unique Access Entertainment, “… understanding that people are not gonna vet their source and people are not gonna take their time to research.” As we are in the internet age, Kweli says people have more information than ever before. With this, comes the power to filter the information and decide for themselves what is truth. “Now we have an era where people are accepting facts from sites that are opinion sites,” Kweli says of the media’s lack of accountability. “They have no checks and balances.” Kweli goes on to say that the media is an institution with an agenda and its “only game plan” is “to enable and protect our white [sumpremacist] status quo.” In the interview, he says that systemic oppression has not gone away in the society where everyone can have a voice through social media. It has only transformed to the point where he’s no longer being called names on the street, but he’s having conversations online where people get offended when he talks about race. “When I grew up, you rolled a bike to the wrong neighborhood and white boys were like, ‘You nigger,'” he shares. “… I’ve dealt with in-your-face racism. That’s why my interactions online, a lot of people get stressed out by that. They’ll be like, ‘How could you?’ I’m like, ‘That’s nothing.’ I dealt with, the shit that you’re getting stressed out, I’ve dealt with that in real life. When I was a kid and didn’t even have the language or the capacity to even deal with it. I had to figure it out as a kid. Now, those people have moved on to the online platforms. They’re still in real life and I’m not a kid no more, so I don’t go to kid shit. I go through it as an adult.” He’s changed his approach on how he handles racism, but the problems still persist as he points to a recent incident where he says he faced prejudice at a hotel because his card wasn’t working. “Whether or not you got $800,000 in your bank account don’t actually matter when it comes to systemic oppression,” he says. Watch the video of Talib Kweli discussing white supremacy in the Donald Trump era above.